BCOE Takes Top Honors at Eco Innovators Showcase

By University of California, Riverside on May 3, 2016

Projects developing sustainable buildings and water supplies created by students from... University of California, Riverside... claimed the top awards today at Metropolitan Water District's fourth annual ECO Innovators Showcase Competition. The contest was part of Metrolpolitan's 9th annual Spring Green Expo...

Dr. Kawai Tam Wins Big with Student Teams

By University of California, Riverside on April 19, 2016

Three of Dr. Kawai Tam's student research groups have been recognized recently at national competitions. The Husk-to-Home student group competed in the 2016 12th Annual P3 National Sustainable Design Expo, which was held in conjunction with the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC...


Rice husks may find use in cheaper, greener, longer-lasting particleboard

By Ben Coxworth on May 27, 2015

In tropical countries such as the Philippines, there are plenty of rice husks ... and also plenty of termites. A group of engineering students from the University of California, Riverside, recently decided to use the former to address the latter, by creating termite-resistant particleboard from...

Turning Dry Milk and Rice Husks into Homes

By Sean Nealon on May 26, 2015

A team of students from the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering recently won two awards at an international design competition for a material composed of rice husks that they created as a less costly, more environmentally friendly and termite resistant alternative to